Loyalty Points

Earn points on every paid order, save them up and use them to get custom discounts to use at our store.

How do I earn points?

Points will be earned through every purchase from our store.

Every R100 spent = 1 point 

1 Point = R5 in store value.

Example 1:

 Order Value: R7499,99

Points Accumulated: 75

Value: R375,00

How do I redeem my points?

Redeem your points via the rewards tab located in the bottom left corner. You can choose the number of points to be redeemed. A discount code will be generated to use at checkout.

How do I view my points?

Simply log into your account and your points will be displayed on the dashboard. Once logged in your points will be displayed in the top right corner.

Terms and conditions

  • Points expire 2 years from the date of your last order.
  • Points are non-transferable nor can they be aggregated with another person’s points.
  • Points cannot be used when the store is having a sale that is more than 20%.
  • Points are not exchangeable for cash.
  • All orders placed before our Programme launch will not be taken into consideration. Only orders place on/after 30th July 2022 will be applicable for points allocation.

 If you have any questions regarding the loyalty program kindly email us at support@hypedstreetgear.com or fill out the form below.